If you prefer, just give me a call, send me an email or click the button on the right and we can go through any questions you have.

What are your rates?
How long does it take to edit?
Where is your studio?

I’m currently based in Harrow. For most shoots I come to your office.

How much preparation do we need to do?

Prep is vital for a successful video shoot, I’ll be making sure that everything is organised well in advance.

Do you do other types of video shoot?

I really like to keep as much variety in my life was possible, so yes!

Can we hire someone else to appear on camera?

Of course! Things go more smoothly and quickly with a presenter using a script from autocue

Can you do anything for a small company that's been in lockdown for two years?

Having been in the same boat, I feel your pain. Get in touch about your project and we’ll try and work something out.

Can we shoot it ourselves and send it to you for editing?

Absolutely. I’ll even send you a guide on how to get the best from filming using your phone.

Can you rescue our footage?

Up to a point. Happy to give it a look, there’s no charge unless I can fix it.