Are you shooting your own video? Does it not look quite as professional as you’d like? A little love and attention can make a huge difference.

I can add :-

  • Titles at the beginning and end
  • Motion Graphics to liven things up
  • Video and photo inserts to help get your message across
  • Subtitles for people watching on the tube
  • Music to help convey the right tone
  • Tidy up the sound quality
  • Improved colour/contrast
  • Improve shaky video footage
  • Remove backgrounds (in some cases)
  • Prices from £200

Consultations are free, so send me your video and I’ll tell you exactly what I can do.

Please Make My Video Look Professional

Matt regularly edits videos for us (coming up to a year now!) and I’m always impressed with his work. He responds to every email quickly, even if it’s just to let me know he’s on a shoot and will get it back to me ___. Matt’s never let me down with deadlines, even the ones with very short turnarounds. I’d highly recommend Matt!

Megan Matharu

Marketing Co-ordinator, Visual Comfort